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Important Dates
                          Important Dates & Locations for 2013 Municipal Election

New for 2013electors must produce authorized identification that indicates both the elector’s name and current address of residence. Below is a list of authorized forms of identification that will be accepted at the voting stations:

• Alberta Operator’s (Driver’s) Licence

• Alberta Identification Card

Election Day

October 21                             -        10:00 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Voting Station for ward 13
Bridlewood School  207 Bridleridge wy sw
Our Lady of the Evergreens 322 Everridge dr sw
Woodbine  Elementary school 27 Woodfield wy sw

Woodlands Elementary school 88 Woodgreen dr sw
Canyon Meadows Elementary school 395 Canterbury dr sw
Southview Alliance Church 1436 James McKevitt rd sw
Our Lady of Peace Elem/Jr High School 14826 Millrise hl sw
Samuel W Shaw School 115 Shannon dr sw
Somerset Elem school 150 Somerset mr sw

Voting Station for ward 14

    Sam Livingston Elementary school 12011Bonaventure dr se
Andrew Sibbald Elementary school 1711 Lake Bonivista dr se
Haultain Memorial  Elementary school 605 Queensland  dr se
Mid Sun Community association 50 Midpark ri se
Prince of Wales Elementary school 253 Parkland wy se
Deer Run Elementary school 2127 146 av se
Willow Ridge Community association 680 Acadia dr se
Sundance Elementary school 200 Sunmills dr se
South Fish Creek Recreation centre 100, 333 Shawville  bv se
St Sebastian Elementary school 65 Chaparral dr se
Chaparral Elementary school 480 Chaparral dr se



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